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When we became parents we quickly learned to appreciate multi-purpose products that help to create a healthy environment for our child. 

Being outdoorsy, one of our main goals became protection from the elements and we were stunned by the increasing threat our children face from harmful UV rays. We learned that almost no standard cotton fabric provides adequate protection from the sun and that one blistering or five non blistering sunburns in childhood doubles the lifetime risk of melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer! 

We started looking for one product we could use in many different ways: to shelter our little one from wind and sun while being in her stroller, baby carrier or infant car seat; functional as a nursing cover; and soft enough to be a swaddle blanket. Simply put, we wanted an item that can do it all. This is how the idea for Sunsnapz was born. 

We became passionate about designing a product with: 

- dozens of uses 

- excellent sun protection 

- a simple yet modern look

- a long life span (usable for newborns, toddlers and beyond) 

With the help of design professionals, mothers, and friends we created our Sunsnapz Über Baby Blanket to provide a true multi-purpose product that is made in the USA with only the highest-quality materials. We are proudly approved by the Melanoma International Foundation and dedicated in supporting organizations in their fight against skin cancer. 

Thank you for your support! Seth & Julia